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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Srinivasa Kalyanam - Final Episode

After receiving the amount from Kubera, Lord Srinivasa immediately called for a conference of the Gods to win their consent for His marriage with Princess Padmavathi. Finally the day had come. The day to fulfill his promise to Vedavati during Treta Yuga and to Yasoda Mata during Dwapara Yuga. All the Gods and Goddesses were present at the occasion to bless the couple Padmavathi and Srinivasa. All the people whether poor or rich were invited from the Kingdom to witness the Kalyanam of Padmavathi and Srinivasa. It’s strongly believed the people who have got the opportunity to witness their marriage were blessed by Srinivasa to do so. The Padmavathi Srinivasa Kalyanam was made in such a grand way that people who attended the marriage cherished for long long time. After making Kanyadaan (In Hinduism, a practice of offering his daughter to the bride groom seeking a promise from the groom to assist his daughter realize dharma-the justice, artha-the economic needs, kama-the biological needs), Akasa Raja was also relieved from the curse of Lord Srinivasa in his previous life, when his cowherd hit the lord with an axe on his head (refer episode 7 curse to Chola King).

After the marriage, the couple lived happily romancing each other on the hills of Tirumala. One day, Narada Muni approached Goddess Lakshmi who was in Penance in Patala Loka and informed about the marriage of Lord Srinivasa with Padmavathi. Goddess Lakshmi got furious and rushed to Tirumala Hills to find out the truth. There, she saw Lord Srinivasa happily spending time with Padmavathi. Infurious Lakshmi approached Srinivasa and called Nadha! (Oh Lord!) Lord Srinivasa was shocked to see Lakshmi out there. He tried to explain the reason for that. But she was not in a mood to listen him. She was unable to take her lord’s marriage with another woman. It was like adding a salt on her sore. Unable to tolerate the insult to her husaband Padmavathi interefered in the orgument with Lakshmi. Both started claiming Srinivasa as their husband. The argument was so heated that none of them tried to listen the Lord’s explanation anymore. The Lord Srinivasa unable to tolerate their quarrel moved a few steps behind quietly and self manifested as a statue, which we see now in Tirumala Temple.

When both of them tired of arguing, they realized that Lord Srinivasa has been manifested himself as a statue. Lakshmi Devi called up Lord Siva and Lord Brahma and requests them to ask Lord Srinivasa to come to normal. The Lord Brahma and Lord Siva then told her that Lord Srinivasa was a Karana Janmi (the Lord with a purpose). Lord Maha Vishnu was reincarnated as Lord Srinivasa with a purpose to fulfill his promise made to Vedavati (ie. Padmavathi) in Treta Yuga and to Yasoda Mata (Vakula Devi) during Dwapara Yuga. The cause had been realized. Now Maha Vishnu remains in this form here in Tirumala till the end of Kaliyuga to bless the people from all miseries of life.

Goddess Padmavathi too self manifested in the form of a statue as Alamelu Manga at Tiruchanoor, 5 kms away from Tirupati offering boons to the people visiting her.

Goddess Lakshmi too manifested herself as Andal at Karaveyapuram offering her blessings to people.

Vakula devi manifested herself as the garland of Lord Venkateswara Swamy.

In this way, lakhs of devotees every day are seeking the blessings of Lord Venkateswara Swamy, Goddess Padmavathi, Goddess Lakshmi and Vakula Devi at Tirumala.

With this, it comes to the conclusion of our episodes on Srinivasa Kalyanam or the Legend of Tirumala. But this is not the end of the story about the Lord Sri Venkateswara of Tirumala. There are plenty of stories associated with Lord Srinivasa after manifesting himself as a Statue. What happened immediately after forming a statue? How He interacted with his devotees in the past and how is he interacting at present with this avatar? What are the changes that took place all around these years and what are supposed to change in future will be discussed in my next posts. So keep watching the space for updates. “Om Namo Narayanaaya Namah! Om Namo Venkatesaaya Namah! Om Namo Srinivasaaya Namah!”


The concluding part of this story of Sri Venkatesara Kalyanam was quite a tough one for me. I had gone through lots of searching over internet and in the books. As there is not much source available about the story of Lord Srinivasa and Padmavathi describing their life after marriage in the print, electronic and blog media, I had to conclude this part based on a story of an old Telugu movie called “Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavam” acted by late Sri NTR and Savitri. Reference to the place Karaveyapuram to the present context is also not available. If any of you come to know about the story of Lord Srinivasa’s self manifestation into a statue and the present name of Karaveyapuram where Goddess Lakshmi manifested hereself, please write to me with enough credentials. I would post the same here in my post for discussion.


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GOOD blog dude..keep going :)

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Wow. Its really fantastic and nice collection of pictures of srinivasa kalyanam. Its amazing. Thanks for the informative. Awesome post.

chandan_1985 said...

Sorry...Lakshmi Devi was Present during the time of Marriage.In fact she herself decorated Padmavathi. Kindly look in to it.If true the change please.

Anonymous said...

hi ram,....karaveyapuram is presently called as kollahpur in maharashtra

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